Well, Rory’s not in Hell, so let’s step back from the ledge. Eat a Snickers.

Better? Good.

Rory is an all-around confused and confusing person. If you know him, which you might, from Terminally Intelligent, GeekDad, GeekMom, or various other internet outlets, you will know that he is adorable first, brilliant second, charming third, dedicated fourth, and entirely full of shenanigans fifth.

Yeah, I said it. Well, other people said it first, and I’m a good parrot. Or is it “parent”? My kids assure me that I’m not horrible, and they always come back for a second round of hugs, so who am I to disagree? You might have noticed that I ramble. It’s a signature quality that flows through everything I do, allowing entropy and Murphy’s Law to highlight everything.

If you’re interested in Rory’s writing (especially if you can stand him referring to himself in the third-person periodically), you will find hundreds of articles sprinkling the internet like sprinkles on tasty red velvet cupcakes. You’ll even find a book featuring one of his most popular articles. If you’re interested in his work in the legal field, shoot him an email.

Rory also writes the blog comic Mordi and Shalo, which is about a reaper and an invisible pet. How fun is that? Lots, that’s how much.

I’m TerminallyRory on Reddit, and I’d like some flair!