Retired Content

I’m not embarrassed. I’m just not making eye contact while I sit on the floor. Photo: Jenny Bristol, 2013

If you’re looking for more of Rory’s work, you can check the following links for projects that are no longer being updated. Note that the images and links in these posts may not work as intended.

Geek Mom

GeekMom is a sibling-blog to, which are run by the same teams. Geek Mom and Geek Dad are lifestyle blogs that focus on geekery and nerdery of all kinds. Rory wrote on GeekMom for some time as a trans voice, but decided to trim things down to work on other projects. Now Rory only writes and maintains content for Geek Dad. You can find all of the back-content Rory did for GeekMom here.

Terminally Intelligent 

Terminally Intelligent was Rory’s first foray into blogging, mental health awareness, education, and advocacy. The content there is written in a journaling style, and lacks trigger warning for sometimes-explicit or triggering content about his lived experience with mental illness. You can find all content for this project here.