Current Projects

If you’re interested in Rory’s current doings and goings-on, you’re in the right place!


The UpRoryUs project is Rory’s ongoing effort to bring mental health and personal improvement therapy skills to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay or access the education through traditional means. Each platform has its own function, so you can follow for just the content you want!

UpRoryUs on Youtube is a lesson-based educational program which collects skills from every part of the human experience and synthesizes them to make a dynamic but easy-to-access curriculum that anyone can benefit from. If you want a systematic approach to learning skills you may be missing, this is a great place to spend time.

UpRoryUs on Instagram is a more casual, episodic outlet when compared to YouTube. Reels of up to 90 seconds make this content a lot quicker to consume, and allows Rory to cover content in a less detail-driven format. If you want to learn more about mental health, stigma, and taking care of yourself and others, this is the content for you.






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